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Every day, millions of Americans go to work looking to make a living. They rely on their income for food, housing, clothing, utilities, and more. Far too often, though, individuals have their ways of life threatened when an employer tries to terminate their position with the company. Unfortunately, very few people recognize their rights in this matter, and they’re unsure of what they can do to move forward to protect themselves from wrongful termination. Without knowledge of California’s laws and help from our wrongful termination attorneys in Los Angeles, you may not know what to do if you’ve been wrongfully fired. 

At Ozeran Law, we work hard following a wrongful discharge. If you experience an unlawful firing, you should know how to safeguard yourself in the long and strenuous aftermath that follows. Countless times, we’ve helped protect employees from problems in the workplace, and as Los Angeles wrongful termination attorneys, we’re well aware of the various ways employers try to fire people illegally. We’ll stand by your side. Below, we’ll help you understand what defines wrongful termination, just how big of a problem it is, the laws concerning wrongful termination and at-will employment, and how you can move forward with the legal action necessary for justice.

We are California’s trusted wrongful termination lawyers, and our team goes above and beyond against unscrupulous employers who go out of their way to take advantage of a vulnerable situation. If you have been fired wrongfully, call our labor lawyer and learn how we may be able to help you today.

What Defines Wrongful Termination?

The laws concerning wrongful termination are often confusing because of how California views employment. However, wrongful termination itself is relatively easy to understand. It occurs when someone is fired or terminated from a job because of an illegal reason. We’ll dive deeper into California’s at-will employment laws below, but they don’t typically change wrongful termination actions. If an employee takes any action to unlawfully terminate an employee’s contract or position, the laws allow the employee impacted by this decision to take action to pursue compensation and justice for the decisions he or she endured. 

It’s important to recognize the various ways wrongful termination can occur and what constitutes wrongful termination. Below, we’ll detail some of the ways that wrongful termination, mainly detailing the protected activity and protected classes and how an employer’s decision based on these protected characteristics can land them in legal hot water.

  • Age: It is unlawful for an employer to make any decision based on a person’s age. For instance, if you are approaching retirement age, but your employer fires you because you are older, you may have the right to file a wrongful termination lawsuit against your employer because your age is a protected class.
  • Race: Race is a protected class and the laws in place prevent any employer from firing an employee based on his or her race. An employer who fires someone because of their race is breaking California’s laws regarding employment, even with the state being at-will. 
  • Gender: While employees cannot make hiring or promotion decisions based on a person’s gender, things become even more concerning when they fire someone based on their gender. For instance, a female employer may fire a male because of his gender role in a certain position. A male employer may fire a female employer thinking she cannot do the job. In any case, it’s wrongful termination. 
  • Disability: If an employee has any kind of physical or mental disability, he or she is protected from discrimination. Unfortunately, there are many instances in which employers use someone’s disability to claim that the person cannot complete his or her job duties, and they try to justify the termination.
  • Pregnancy: A woman who is pregnant has the right to take maternity leave as allowed by the state’s laws and be able to return to work upon completion of the maternity leave. When an employer tries to use the pregnancy as a way to fire the woman, the employer can be held accountable and the employee can file a wrongful termination lawsuit to recover compensation.
  • National origin: Race is one protected class, but national origin is something completely different. National origin covers your birthplace, ethnicity, language, culture, and ancestry. If an employer fires you because of your national origin, you may have a wrongful termination lawsuit. 
  • Sexual orientation: Your personal life does not have a bearing on your status in the workplace. Unfortunately, there are times when rumors start and employers learn about a person’s sexual orientation. If this happens and the employer fires you for your sexual orientation, it is prejudiced and is not a lawful termination. 
  • Religion: Religion is another protected class, but it often leads to problems in the workplace. Some individuals of different faiths may request certain days off of work, and employers may not be happy about it. In these instances, the employer may fire the employee over his or her religion, and it could lead to legal action.
  • Medical condition: Significant medical conditions can make it difficult for individuals in the workplace. Unfortunately, it can also lead to an employer wrongfully terminating a person’s employment. 
  • Military or marital status: A person’s status should not be taken into account when making firing decisions, especially when it comes to whether or not a person has served in the military or is married. It’s difficult to think that an employer would try to fire someone because of their appearance, race, religion, or personal life.

Unfortunately, it does happen. While California has at-will employment laws in place, they don’t overrule federal laws that protect employees from decisions based on discrimination. The workplace should be a safe space for all employees, and when that trust and care is gone, it could lead to significant losses. We’ll help you understand what your rights are moving forward. 

Wrongful Termination Statistics

We know that wrongful termination is a serious problem, and it can impact someone’s life for a long time. Unfortunately, it can lead to lost income, mental trauma, and other financial problems. However, it can also lead to significant damage to your reputation in your profession. It’s important to recognize just how serious of a problem this is so you can take action if it happens to you. When it comes to wrongful termination, there’s one very important stat to know: 

Roughly 250,000 people are wrongfully terminated each year throughout the United States.

This means there are countless companies ignoring the laws and protections in place that are supposed to prevent someone from being fired because of his or her protected class. Tens of thousands of discrimination cases are brought forth each year, so it’s easy to see just how many people don’t report a wrongful termination. This can be significantly damaging to someone’s trust, their ability to bring forth a lawsuit, their ability to care of their family, and more.

When your employer fires you without a lawful reason, even in California, you should know that your rights are protected by our Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney team here at Ozeran Law. We’ll work hard to prove wrongful termination and safeguard you moving forward.

California’s Wrongful Termination Laws

We’ve described some of the situations in which wrongful termination occurs in California. However, the most important thing you can do moving forward is to recognize what the laws are in the state and how they protect you from such actions. Below, we’ll explain what happens if you are wrongfully fired, how California views instances of retaliation, and whether you need a California workers’ comp lawyer or California employment lawyer to protect your rights. 

What happens after a wrongful termination?

The laws in California allow you to report the wrongful termination to the proper agencies and hire legal counsel. Make sure you document your meeting with your employer and detail the reason provided for your termination. If the employer doesn’t give you one, make sure you know how the situation can be further investigated. 

How does retaliation occur after a wrongful termination?

Retaliation following a report of discrimination may lead to mistreatment, but if you file a wrongful termination lawsuit, your former employer may try to retaliate by blacklisting you in the industry. If your employer holds a position of authority, he or she may tell others in the same industry that they shouldn’t hire you.

What type of lawyer helps with these matters?

If you have been unlawfully fired in Los Angeles, our workers’ comp lawyers can help you. In these cases, you want to have an employment attorney who knows how employers must treat their employees and how to move forward if they don’t.

What is At-Will Employment in California?

The definition of an at-will employee is when you are hired for a position by any employer in California, it’s usually done so on an at-will basis. The at-will employment laws in California set clear boundaries on what is necessary when a company hires or fires someone or when an employee decides to quit a job. Here’s how the at-will employment laws work for both employers and employees: 

  • For employers: For employees, at-will employment means that when they make a decision to fire someone, they don’t have to provide a reason. For instance, while most employers can cite performance issues, California employers can make the decision because it’s best for the company without explaining that to the employee. The employee may be terminated without reason or explanation and at any time. 
  • For employees: Employees likewise do not have to have a reason to quit a job. He or she can quit for no reason without having to give a two weeks’ notice, although for the sake of your reputation, you should still provide notice. 

While at-will employment means employers don’t have to have a reason or warning when it comes to termination, it’s still illegal to fire someone for an unlawful reason. An employer cannot use any of the protected activities or classes as a reason to terminate someone’s employment. The decision to do so can lead to the employee filing a wrongful termination lawsuit against the responsible party.

How Can a Wrongful Termination Lawyer in California Help?

While you may want to avoid a long and potentially contentious process, sometimes reporting the wrongful termination to the proper agencies is not enough. In many situations, it’s best to hire legal counsel who can help you understand your rights and options. A lawyer can also help you pursue compensation and justice for any losses you may experience as a result of the wrongful termination. 

Here are the types of damages you may pursue following wrongful termination:

  • Compensation for lost income and benefits that you would have earned as part of your wages and compensation from your job
  • Compensation for any mental trauma you endure because of the job loss
  • Compensation for any damage to your professional reputation as part of the firing
  • Compensation to pay for your attorney’s fees
  • Compensation for punitive damages used to punish your employer for his or her actions

The value of your claim varies and depends on numerous factors. For instance, the more income you lose because of your employer’s actions can help increase the amount you recover. Similarly, if you are unable to gain employment in the aftermath of the wrongful termination, this may be factored into your lawsuit as part of what you may recover in compensation.

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Ozeran Law has no tolerance for employers who think they can take advantage of employees who are unaware of their rights. We stand up for your everyday worker, going to bat in negotiations and in the courtroom to ensure our clients have a voice against the wrongs they have experienced. We make it our top priority to safeguard our clients throughout all legal matters. 

If you experience wrongful termination, step up and use your voice. Our California wrongful termination attorneys will be by your side every step of the way. Call us today to discuss your rights and learn what legal options you have to pursue justice and the compensation you deserve.