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At Ozeran Law, we know how difficult and disheartening it can be to suffer an injury at work. When you’re hurt on the job, you need to understand your rights and options to seek compensation and benefits. Our expert legal team has spent years representing clients in the process of filing a workers’ compensation claim. From start to finish, we stand on the side of injured workers to help them seek a settlement or ongoing payments for the benefits they deserve. Even more, our dedicated staff protects your rights against insurance companies or others who may be trying to take advantage of you during a vulnerable situation.

Our experienced litigation professionals can help you pursue compensation for the following:

  • Lost wages – If you’re unable to work because of your injuries, you may be able to obtain compensation for the income you cannot earn as part of your workers’ comp benefits.
  • Doctor visits – If you have to pay out of pocket expenses for your doctor visits, your claim can cover those expenses and compensate you for what you pay.
  • Hospital stays – If you have a copay for your hospital stays, you can consider those expenses as part of your workers’ compensation claim.
  • Medical bills – Other medical bills that you can include in your workers’ compensation claim include prescription medication, ongoing care, and specialized medical equipment.
  • Physical rehabilitation – If your treatment plan includes physical rehabilitation and you have to pay for it out of your own pocket, you may consider adding this as part of the benefits you pursue in a workers’ comp claim.
  • Pain and suffering – If you suffer mental trauma because of your workplace accident, you may be able to include non-economic damages as part of your workers’ compensation claim.

Our insurance claims attorneys serving Pasadena, CA go above and beyond when our clients rely on us most. We work hard to obtain compensation for those in need, and we’re always prepared to go above and beyond when you need us most. 

How Our Pasadena Workers Compensation Lawyers Help You

Many people who are hurt on the job simply try to file a claim and accept whatever fate the future holds for them. Unfortunately, this also means they don’t always consider getting legal help from a workers’ comp attorney who can help them with the process. Whenever this happens, injured employees can encounter numerous problems throughout the claims-filing process, and it becomes increasingly important to have an experienced team of litigation pros on your side during the process.

Here’s how our expert staff helps you during the process:

  • Helping you report your accident: We will help you report your workplace accident to provide accurate and relevant information that helps you start your claim.
  • Helping you file your claim: We will help you file a claim that covers the full scope of your injuries, including the benefits you should recover and how long your benefits should last.
  • Helping you negotiate a settlement or ongoing benefits: You don’t have to accept a claim denial as the final word. You may be able to appeal the insurance adjusters’ decision and pursue compensation that you deserve.
  • Helping you appeal a wrongful denial of your claim: You don’t have to accept a claim denial as the final word. You may be able to appeal the insurance adjusters’ decision and pursue compensation that you deserve. 

At Ozeran Law, we recognize that claims adjusters look out for profits first. They’ll deny your claim if there’s any small mistake in your paperwork. Instead of going through the process alone, though, you should make sure you’re doing whatever you can to safeguard your options to pursue compensation. Working with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Pasadena, CA can help!

Types of Workplace Injuries in Pasadena, California

In the workplace, there are several accidents that you can encounter, each of them with the potential to cause the most catastrophic injuries. It’s important to recognize just how severe the injuries are that you may sustain, which can give you a clear understanding of the compensation you may recover. Here are some of the more common injuries you can sustain when you’re injured on the job:

  • Neck injuries, including strains
  • Back injuries, including spine and spinal cord damages
  • Broken bones, including severe fractures
  • Traumatic brain injuries, including concussions, hemorrhaging, and more
  • Burn injuries, including first, second, and third-degree burns
  • Severe illnesses, including chemical exposure

Unfortunately, many of these injuries can have a lifelong impact on you. For instance, if you suffer a brain injury, it can impact your ability to do your job because of balance and coordination issues, depth perception problems, behavioral changes, seizures, convulsions, and several other issues.

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In some cases, if your employer doesn’t carry workers’ compensation insurance, they may be fined for their failure to provide adequate coverage. There is also a fund that you may be able to receive compensation from in the event your employer doesn’t have coverage. It’s important to protect your rights by having a skilled litigation team on your side. Our firm goes above and beyond when you need us most to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Ozeran Law has spent years providing California workers with the strong and tenacious representation they need. We’re not afraid of insurance companies and large corporations, and we never back down from the opportunity to represent our clients in their time of need. You can trust that we will put your best interests first, and we will provide you with the highest level of care to feel peace of mind when going through complex workers’ compensation matters. Your future is dependent on the compensation you receive, and when insurance companies try to take advantage of your rights, we’ll be by your side when you need us most.

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