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About California Laws Regarding Office Injuries

Have you suffered an injury in your work office? Unfortunately, this is something that is far more common than most people think, and for various reasons. Office injuries may not seem severe, but it’s vital for you to recognize how they can happen and if you have legal rights to pursue compensation when they do. Here are some of the common office accidents and injuries you should know about:

  • Slip and fall accidents: These types of accidents can happen in certain offices where floors are cleaned often or when someone spills something on the floor to cause a slip and fall. 
  • Repetitive stress injuries: Repetitive stress injuries can occur in certain situations where individuals are constantly lifting heavy items or when typing often. 
  • Sores and strains: In many situations, people may not have the best ergonomic setup, which can lead to back pain, shoulder pain, and other problems that persist for a long period of time.

Not everyone thinks that injuries are common in office workspaces, but there are several issues that can arise. In most situations, even office employers offer workers’ compensation insurance for individuals who suffer an injury on the job. Going through a workers’ compensation claim may seem difficult, but it’s best to have strong legal counsel to safeguard your ability to move forward. 

Negligence is not always prominent in an office work location, but it is a possibility. Some situations can call for negligence, such as a premises liability, contracted worker negligence, and more. 

Why You Need an Attorney

While it may not seem like office injuries will have a long-term impact on you, there are several negligent acts that can arise in an office setting to cause catastrophic injuries. In any case, you need to pursue compensation for lost income, medical needs, and more benefits. Whether you’re going through workers’ compensation or in a third-party lawsuit, you’ll be working with insurance adjusters who are looking to protect profits and find any way to deny your claim.

Because insurance adjusters work hard to deny your claim, you need to make sure you are protecting your rights. Hiring legal counsel positions you favorably as you go through the complex process of filing a claim. A lawyer helps you put together paperwork accurately and in a timely manner, giving you confidence and peace of mind throughout the entire process. When you hire a lawyer, you show the insurance companies that you’re not backing down and you know your rights.

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