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When workers suffer significant injuries on the job, they need strong representation to help them get the compensation and benefits they deserve. Our team at Ozeran Law focuses on assessing your needs to provide you with the highest level of legal counsel possible. We work hard to help you file a claim in the most successful way possible. Contact our workers’ comp lawyer today to learn about your rights as an injured worker and how you can pursue the benefits you need after a workplace accident.

Steps to take if you’ve been injured at work in North Hollywood, CA

If you’re looking for a settlement or weekly payments for your pain, doctor visits, medical bills, and more, it’s vital to take the correct steps after a work injury. This includes:

  • Reporting the accident to your boss as soon as possible
  • Seeking medical assessment and treatment
  • Filing the correct paperwork with your employer’s insurance
  • Work with a workers’ compensation attorney to protect your rights

The compensation you recover can help you with hospital stays, physical rehabilitation, lost wages, medical bills, and even pain and suffering.

Why should you hire a Workers’ Comp attorney?

Insurance companies are often quick to find ways they can deny a claim after you are injured while working. Hiring a lawyer provides you with a number of benefits. First, you can have legal counsel to overlook your paperwork to ensure it’s accurate and truthful. Any mistakes on your paperwork can lead to a quick claim denial by insurance companies.

Second, a workers’ comp attorney can help you understand the full scope of your claim and utilize evidence to show your level of disability and the compensation and benefits you may recover. Third, legal counsel protects you from the many tactics insurance companies utilize to deny your claim. Working with a lawyer provides you peace of mind knowing that insurance adjusters will be kept honest during the process.

We know that you may feel as though you can handle the claims filing process on your own, but it can become challenging when insurance adjusters put profits over your well being. When you work with a lawyer, you get someone on your side who knows the law; someone who can advocate on your behalf and give you the voice you need to get the most favorable outcome possible.

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