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Neck Injuries in a Workplace Accident

Neck injuries are some of the worst damages you can sustain. Unfortunately, they are more common than you think and often come with latency issues where a small sore or ache can significantly worsen over time. When a neck injury occurs at work, you have various rights that allow you to pursue compensation for your injuries. After a workplace accident, you can protect your right to compensation to pursue the most favorable outcome possible. The things you do following the workplace accident can help you protect yourself during this difficult situation.

With so much at stake, you should recognize what kind of workplace accidents can lead to severe neck injuries. When pursuing compensation, showing causation and damages can serve as a strong case. This is because you must demonstrate that your accident occurred at the workplace and that you indeed suffered injuries because of it. Below, we’ll help you understand causes of neck injuries in the workplace, what legal options you have, and how to work with a lawyer to pursue the most favorable result possible.

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How Do Neck Injuries Occur In the Workplace?

It’s unfortunate to think about, but a neck injury can occur in many different situations. In some situations, negligence may be involved, improper training, and other issues. While you may not need to file a third-party injury, you should know the various causes of a neck injury in the workplace so you better understand what to show when filing your claim:

  • Slip and trip and falls: Like with a back and head injury, you can suffer significant neck injuries when slipping and falling in the workplace. A slip and fall in which you land on your neck can be severely damaging, and you may even suffer damage to the nerves in your spinal cord. 
  • Falling objects: A falling object, especially one of significant weight can fall on top of your head, compressing your neck and causing significant injuries. Unfortunately, with enough weight and force, you can experience permanent damage to your neck.
  • Limited range of motion: If your job requires you to make movements with your neck that stress your range of motion, it could cause aches that worsen over time. In some situations, you may experience long-term damages that worsen over time.
  • Repetitive motion: Some occupations in different industries may require you to make the same movements over and over again. Your repetitive motion can strain your nerves and cause long-term damages in your neck.
  • Falls from heights: These types of accidents are more common in the construction and industrial occupations, and it’s crucial to recognize just how dangerous this situation can be. You may fall on your neck, and that pressure can cause some of the worst damages possible.

Unfortunately, neck injuries can extend even further, causing you to experience pain in your shoulders, back, and even head. Even more, you can experience long-term impacts that cause issues with functionality, including potential paralysis.

Workers’ Compensation or Third-Party Injury Lawsuit?

A workplace injury can complicate matters. You may not be aware of your rights to pursue compensation, especially when you don’t know which avenue to go and the type of legal action you can take. If the injury occurs at work, there’s most often two options available to you. First, you may go through workers’ compensation. In other matters, you may go through a third-party lawsuit depending on the situation. Below, we’ll explain the two so you know your options moving forward:

  • Filing a third-party lawsuit: These types of legal matters often arise when it is shown that someone outside of your employer is responsible for your injuries. For instance, if you suffer a neck injury because of a defective product such as a broken scaffolding, it may be the manufacturer’s fault and you can file a third-party lawsuit against them for your damages.
  • Filing a workers’ compensation claim: Your employer should provide you with workers’ compensation insurance in the event you suffer a workplace injury. This is the same for a neck injury. You can file a claim through your employer’s insurance company instead of suing your employer. Workers’ comp insurance can provide you with compensation, benefits, and more.

When you file any kind of injury claim or lawsuit, you must deal with insurance adjusters and professionals who focus on taking advantage of a vulnerable situation and minimizing how much you can recover. In some situations, you may have your claim denied. It helps to have a lawyer on your side who can explain your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve. It’s just as important to know your rights through the process, and working with a legal professional can alleviate the process on your behalf.

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