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Aside from a very select list of industries, most employers throughout the state are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance for employees who are injured while working. This type of insurance coverage provides compensation through weekly payments or a settlement to cover a number of losses. California workers’ compensation law shouldn’t be complex, but there are certain issues that can arise, and you may need legal help to get through the process in a timely and effective manner. Working with a workers’ compensation attorney serving Manhattan Beach, CA can give you peace of mind knowing your rights are safeguarded and you’re getting the outcome you need to move forward.

At Ozeran Law, our workers’ comp lawyer goes above and beyond to safeguard you during one of the most challenging situations of your life. We have a firm understanding of California workers’ comp law and know what it takes to build a successful case on your behalf. When you need legal help, you can call our law firm and speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer serving Manhattan Beach, CA. Even more, you can get advice regarding what steps to take after an injury at work. When you’re injured on the job, you can seek compensation for the following damages that you may experience:

  • Medical bills: You may experience several medical bills when undergoing medical treatment after being injured at work. For instance, you may have costs associated with your initial doctor visits and any hospital stays required of you as part of your treatment (e.g., after surgery or to undergo treatment for an illness, occupational disease, or other medical condition). Medical bills can also include the costs of specialized medical equipment, prescription medication, in-home care, and anything else pertaining to your recovery.
  • Physical rehabilitation: Physical rehabilitation is just one type of therapy that can help you after a workplace accident. This type of rehabilitation helps you with mobility, strength, and coordination, effectively improving your quality of life. In some situations, you may need occupational therapy as part of your physical rehabilitation. Occupational therapy provides you with tools and resources to learn a new job if your injury prevents you from returning to your old position.
  • Lost wages and benefits: In the event you are unable to earn an income because you miss work due to your injury, you may be able to pursue compensation for lost income and benefits. The compensation you may receive can cover past income from the date of your injury to the date of your claim, as well as future earning capacity.
  • Pain and suffering: Non-economic compensation can help cover mental trauma you may experience following a workplace injury. You can pursue compensation when your injury’s severity impacts your overall quality of life, causing anxiety, fear, and other emotions stemming from trauma.

How Our Manhattan Beach, California Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Help You

Our workers’ comp lawyer knows how insurance companies work in the wake of a claim being filed. We know that there are issues you may encounter, as well as additional legal matters should your employer fail to have workers’ comp insurance or if you need to file a third-party liability lawsuit.

Insurance adjusters and other companies are quick to put profits first. When they do this, they use various tactics to try and take advantage of your rights. Our workers’ compensation lawyer works to help you file your claim accurately, negotiate with insurance adjusters to maximize the value of your claim, take on insurance adjusters who don’t want to pay compensation, and appeal a denial of your claim.

Our workers’ comp law firm puts you first, working on your behalf, never afraid to go to trial. We’ll go against large insurance companies to obtain compensation and benefits you need and deserve moving forward.

Types of Workplace Injuries in Manhattan Beach, California

Manhattan Beach is home to several different types of businesses. From construction sites to office jobs, there are multiple industries in the area. While some of the workplaces may not be as dangerous, even serious injuries can occur in low impact settings. For instance, you may suffer a severe back strain from lifting a heavy box around the office. Or in some of the most common situations, you can suffer a spine injury because of a fall from a height or slip and fall on a construction site. Falling objects can also cause you to suffer a traumatic brain injury.

Other common injuries that you can sustain include carpal tunnel syndrome, broken bones, severe fractures, burn injuries, and more.

Some industries may expose you to certain chemicals for a prolonged period of time. These chemicals may cause burns when contacting your skin, but they can also cause severe illnesses. Even exposure to asbestos can cause mesothelioma, which is a type of cancer with a latency issue that affects people 10 to 40 years after exposure.

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During complex legal matters, you want to ensure your rights are protected. Utilizing the help of a skilled and experienced workers’ comp lawyer is the most effective method of pursuing the maximum compensation you need and deserve. When your rights and future matter most, you can rely on Ozeran Law to be there for you.

Ozeran Law has spent years representing injured workers all throughout California. We’re well aware of how the laws can impact your claim and what insurance adjusters do to try and take advantage of your rights and protect profits. With our workers’ compensation law firm on your side, you can feel peace of mind every step of the way knowing that we will go above and beyond to prepare your claim for negotiations and trial when necessary. If you suffer a workplace injury in Manhattan Beach, CA, trust that we are ready to be your voice and pursue the favorable outcome you deserve.

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