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Any injury to your lower extremity can be devastating to experience. When this type of injury occurs in the workplace, you may have the right to pursue compensation. Whether you hurt your knee, ankle, or foot, you need to recognize how you can file a claim and what type of accident may occur that could cause you to sustain harm. With years of experience, our workplace accident lawyers at Ozeran Law know how challenging this situation can be for you, especially if you are out of work and need to find income.

It’s our goal to position your case favorably, allowing you to focus on your own health and well-being while also having peace of mind knowing we’re doing everything we can to handle the legal matters. It’s vital to stay safe, so below, we’ll explain some of the causes of workplace accidents that can result in knee, ankle, or foot injuries. We’ll also detail steps you can take to protect your rights and pursue compensation. Our team is here for you every step of the way.

Common Workplace Accidents that Cause Harm

To be safe in the workplace, be aware of the potential issues that you can encounter that may cause you to suffer severe injuries to your knee, ankle, or foot. Here are some of the common causes of workplace accidents you should know about:

  • Repetitive motion stress: If your work requires you to make the same movements over and over, it can cause you to experience stress and strains, which can worsen over time and become significant injuries.

  • Lack of equipment: You may never know it, but if you have a standing job, but you don’t have a pad to stand on, you can experience pain in your lower body. Even more, without the right shoes, impact to your legs can cause injuries.

  • Overextension: Even the smallest movement can cause your knee, ankle, or foot to overextend. What may seem like a small ache can turn out to be something worse, such as a torn ligament or tendon. 

  • Trip and falls: In some workplaces, tripping on a torn carpet, lifted concrete, or any other object, it can cause you to fall onto your knee or tweak your foot or ankle. 

  • Falls from heights: If you fall from a high area and try to catch yourself by landing on your feet, you can suffer broken bones in your leg, torn ligaments, and other issues. 

There are few situations in which you can experience a knee, ankle, or foot injury and the cause is someone else’s negligence — such as with a defective product. In situations like this, you may be unable to file a workers’ compensation claim. Instead, you may be able to go through a third-party lawsuit to pursue compensation that you may need moving forward. 

What to Do After a Knee, Ankle, or Foot Injury in a Workplace Accident?

Suffering an injury in a workplace accident can cause shock and confusion. You may be concerned about your knee, ankle, or foot injury and how severe it may be. However, there are steps you should take after you suffer an injury in the workplace that allow you to go through the process in the smoothest way possible. Here are some of the steps you can take to help you immediately following the accident and protect you through the claim.

  • Report the accident to your employer and supervisor: If you can’t do this on your own immediately, you have a few days to complete this. You can also ask a coworker to file the initial report. Your report should detail what happened, where and when it occurred, if there was anyone else involved, who might have seen it, and any other information that you feel is relevant to your accident. 

  • Get the medical care that you need: You should seek medical care as quickly as possible. Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance provider may request that you see a doctor in their network. In any case, it’s imperative to put your health first after a workplace injury, and speaking with a doctor helps your case.

  • Get the necessary paperwork to file a workers’ compensation claim: Ask your employer for the right documentation to file your workers’ compensation claim. These documents must be filled out accurately and in a timely manner, and you should include the same information you provided in your initial report to your employer after the injury.

  • Hire a lawyer to help you through the process: Filing for any kind of compensation can be dangerous alone. Several pitfalls can arise and make it challenging for you to obtain compensation, and even the smallest mistake can result in your claim being denied. Having legal counsel protects you from some of the common areas that can harm your claim.

Your Rights to File a Claim for Compensation

Ozeran Law has significant experience representing injured parties all throughout California. We understand the California workers’ compensation laws, and we work hard to hold insurance companies accountable when they owe compensation and benefits to an injured worker. If you suffer a knee, ankle, or foot injury, trust that our firm has the resources, tools, and knowledge to help you through the most complex matters. When we’re up against large competitors, we never back down, and we go the extra mile to obtain the full and maximum compensation you need and deserve. Put your trust in our team and we’ll be in your corner from start to finish.

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