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Hearing Loss from a Workplace Accident

Not all injuries result in broken bones, lacerations, or long-term pain. Some accidents can lead to you sustaining sensory issues, namely hearing loss. Losing your hearing can be devastating to endure, and you may find yourself in a complicated situation after your accident occurs. As such, you may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim to pursue benefits that can help you in the aftermath of an accident that causes hearing loss. Hearing loss can be temporary or permanent, creating a complete change in your lifestyle for which you should be compensated. 

Knowing what causes hearing loss and the signs you should look for can help you when filing your workers’ compensation claim. In one recent year, there were over 21,000 hearing loss cases reported in workplace accidents. Even worse, they occurred because of situations that are completely preventable. At Ozeran Law, we want you to recognize your rights and learn what you can do to pursue compensation following an accident that causes hearing loss. We’ll also be by your side throughout the process to protect you from the problems that can arise during difficult legal times.

What Causes Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss injuries and the accidents that cause this serious problem are more common than you may think. Simply put, many different industries have dangers that could lead to permanent sensory damages, and you should know about them so you can stay as safe as possible in the workplace. Here are some of the causes of workplace accidents that can lead to hearing loss:

  • Workplaces with high levels of noise: One of the worst situations you can encounter if you are a worker is an occupation where you’re exposed to very high volumes of noise. These noises can negatively impact your hearing, sometimes causing you to experience short-term hearing loss. The longer your exposure to loud noises without proper safety equipment, the more damaging it can be. Some situations involving loud noises can cause permanent hearing loss. Loud noises can occur because of heavy machinery, loud explosions, and more.

  • Impact to the ear or head: Damage to your ear drum and / or head can prove to be significantly damaging when it comes to your hearing. A ruptured ear drum can result in permanent hearing loss the moment the impact occurs. The trauma to your ear drum or head can occur because of someone’s negligence, impact from an explosion, falling from heights and landing on your head, and slipping or tripping and falling. 

  • Aging: As you get older, you become more susceptible to problems with your health, including your sensory abilities. As a worker who is of age, you may need to request that your supervisor or employer move your position so you are not exposed to high volumes. If they don’t, it can be easy for any of the problems we listed above to cause you to lose your hearing. If you’re already experiencing trouble with your hearing, request a position transfer to protect your sensory abilities.

Signs of a Work Accident Causing Hearing Loss

When you suffer hearing loss because of an issue in the workplace, negligence, or any other problem, you should recognize the potential symptoms. In some cases, you may not hear anything. In others, you may hear some ringing. It’s dependent on what type of damage is done and what may have happened to cause the injury. Unfortunately, the symptoms often showing hearing loss can impact your ability to work and enjoy some of the things you once did in life prior to the accident. Some of these symptoms include the following:

  • You may have a loud roaring sound in your head or ears and not hear anything else.
  • You may hear a buzzing in your ears that drowns out any additional sounds. 
  • You may have tinnitus, which is a ringing sound within your ears. 
  • You may have audible hearing and anyone who talks to you may be drowned out or sound at a much lower volume than normal.
  • You may hear other sounds much differently than you once did, some potentially louder while you may hear others quieter.

You never want to believe that you will experience some of the worst damages while working, but it happens. Some industries are much worse than others, and they can put you in a position that causes some of the worst harm, beyond just physical injuries. A hearing loss lawyer can help you understand how this type of injury can happen in the workplace and what your rights are to move forward and pursue compensation for those damages you endure. Without a lawyer, though, you may not even know if you qualify for workers’ comp insurance or any other kind of compensation.

File a Claim with Our Workers’ Comp Attorney

If you suffer from hearing loss in a workplace accident, know that our California workers’ compensation attorneys are here for you. We’re well aware of the laws throughout the state concerning workers’ comp, and we go above and beyond to build a strong case on your behalf. We know just how much compensation means to you during a difficult time, and we’re ready to stand in your corner through it all to give you peace of mind. 

Ozeran Law has spent years representing workers throughout the state of California. We know that a workplace injury means long-term medical care, ongoing treatment, specialized medical equipment, and more when it comes to lost hearing. Even more, it could impact your ability to earn an income, and you need a way to pursue the compensation you deserve. Our team works to obtain the benefits you need moving forward, so you don’t have to worry about anything in the future. Our California workers’ comp lawyers are ready to help you after hearing loss, and we’re not afraid to show that you should receive compensation and benefits because of a danger in the workplace. 

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