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As a worker in El Segundo, you have various rights that should be enforced to keep you safe in the workplace. Unfortunately, negligence and lack of safety protocols can cause you to suffer an injury at work, and you may need legal help to pursue a settlement through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance provider. Unfortunately, there are several obstacles that you can encounter throughout the process, and trying to navigate California law without a law firm on your side can prove to be disastrous. This is why it helps to work with our workers’ compensation lawyer serving El Segundo, CA on your case.

At Ozeran Law, our dedicated legal staff has several years of experience and the knowledge necessary to help you navigate the claims filing process. We understand California workers’ compensation laws and what requirements exist to help you recover benefits moving forward. Working with a team of litigation experts gives you an advantage when filing a claim, allowing you to protect your rights and have peace of mind when going up against insurance adjusters or large companies who are trying to protect their own money.

However, when you’re hurt at work, you should be able to obtain the compensation you need to cover the following losses:

  • Economic damages: After you are injured while working, you may be able to pursue economic compensation for any damages that cost you money and expenses. For instance, your economic damages can include costs associated with doctor visits, hospital stays, medical bills, and physical rehabilitation, as well as any lost wages you incur. Economic damages are easier to determine because you typically have a number amount associated with them through paystubs or receipts.

  • Non-economic damages: It’s usually more difficult to determine how much you may recover in non-economic damages because there are no values associated with these losses. Instead, this compensation covers pain and suffering you may experience after being hurt on the job. For instance, you can recover compensation for your emotional trauma and how severe your physical trauma is, including how much it has impacted your quality of life.

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How Our El Segundo Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Help You

If you need to file a workers’ compensation claim, you should know that you’re going to go up against large insurance companies and trained adjusters who have one focus: profits. While they should be there to help you with your claim, they’re more likely to minimize or deny your claim completely if it threatens their bottom line. This makes it so much more important to work with an experienced team of legal experts that can help you understand your rights and navigate you through the complex process. Before you move forward on your own, it’s crucial to understand how our dedicated staff can help you during this difficult situation:

  • Handling your claim: There are time limits associated with filing a workers’ compensation claim. While you want to ensure you’re reporting your accident to your employer as soon as possible, you also want to get a workers’ compensation attorney on your side quickly. The sooner you proceed, the better, but it’s crucial to get your paperwork right. Hiring a lawyer gives you confidence regarding the accuracy of your claim, as well as preventing any mistakes.
  • Negotiating your compensation: The way you value your claim and the way insurance adjusters value your claim are much different. As such, claims adjusters are quick to offer you a settlement that is much less than you need. If this happens, you need a knowledgeable, experienced litigation team to present the evidence necessary to maximize your claim and pursue compensation based on your evaluation, not that of the insurance company.
  • Dealing with any denials: Countless workers’ comp claims are denied each year, and there are many injured laborers who just accept the denial. Instead, you should speak with an attorney to analyze your case and determine where any mistakes were made. In this situation, you may be able to appeal your denial and go through the process again to pursue the compensation you rightfully deserve.
  • Navigating any additional legal avenues: If your employer fails to carry workers’ comp insurance or you need to go through a third-party liability claim, you may need to explore other legal avenues. Without a lawyer on your side, you run the risk of walking away with nothing. Instead, make sure you are well represented. 

Types of Workplace Injuries in El Segundo, California

Slip and falls, falling objects, falls from heights, explosions, chemical exposure, and negligence of all kinds can exist in the workplace. Unfortunately, all of the above can result in you suffering some of the most severe injuries that can impact your entire life. Some of the injuries that you sustain may seem minor, such as strains and sprains, but others can require surgery. You may suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, illnesses, ongoing medical conditions, and more. In the most severe cases of a workplace accident, you can sustain a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, burn injuries, and severe fractures.

These injuries often require ongoing care and surgical procedures, making it imperative to hire a lawyer who can help you understand your rights and maximize your claim.

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