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Ozeran Law is a full-service law firm with a knowledge of California workers’ compensation law. When you’re hurt at work, you deserve the right to obtain compensation for the injuries you sustain. Suffering an injury at work can be daunting, and you may be unsure of what to expect, but with our team of litigation experts on your side, you can have confidence in the process. Our workers’ compensation lawyer serving Downey, CA has the experience and knowledge you need to get through the process of filing your claim. We can help you seek compensation for the following losses:

  • Medical bills: Your medical bills can include a wide array of expenses. For instance, you may be able to recover compensation for your doctor visits and hospital stays if you must pay out of pocket for these expenses and receive a bill. Medical bills can also include the costs of ongoing and in-home care, prescription medicine as part of your recovery, and special medical equipment that helps you get around or complete your day to day tasks.
  • Physical rehabilitation: There’s a list of therapy you may be able to go through to improve your physical capabilities, motor function, mobility, strength, and more. Your physical rehabilitation may also include occupational therapy that is designed to help you learn new skills and abilities to re-enter the workforce at a different position.
  • Lost wages: We know that after you’ve been injured while working, you may not be able to earn an income. You may lose out on wages and benefits that you would normally receive if you weren’t hurt while working. Because of this, California workers’ comp law allows you to recover compensation for lost wages, both past and future, after a workplace injury.
  • Pain and suffering: Your pain and suffering is often dependent on how severe your physical trauma is, as well as other factors such as how well your workers’ comp attorney presents your case. The more impact your workplace injury has on your quality of life, the more you can show emotional trauma, fear, anxiety, and more.

Your claim must include an accurate count of your losses, especially when it comes to your economic damages. Economic damages typically have a money amount attached to them displaying how much you have spent. You can show receipts and pay stubs to justify the amount you may receive, but working with a workers’ compensation attorney serving Downey, CA can help you detail your non-economic damages as well.

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How Our Downey Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Help You

From the very moment you file your claim, insurance adjusters are looking for ways to minimize the impact on their profits. By working with our dedicated legal staff, you can effectively protect your rights throughout the process. You can show the claims adjusters the evidence you have that justifies the validity of your claim. Unfortunately, navigating the process without a top-tier litigation team on your side can potentially damage your claim and give insurance companies the chance to protect their profits by denying your claim. Here are some of the most effective ways our legal team can help you:

  • We protect you from the many tactics that insurance adjusters often use to defend their profits and take advantage of your vulnerable situation. Whether they are denying your claim or minimizing it by devaluing your injuries, you can have a lawyer on your side to provide evidence and resources that back your claim.
  • We help you understand your legal options should your employer not have workers’ compensation insurance. In some cases, failure to carry this right insurance can result in a significant fine, and  you may need to pursue compensation through a fund designed to cover  these situations.
  • We help you understand your rights if you were hurt on the job because of a third party and negligence. For instance, if your injury is the result of a defective machine or because of someone not employed at your company, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the responsible party outside of workers’ compensation insurance.
  • We help you file an accurate claim and appeal a denial if it occurs. Countless workers’ compensation claims are denied each year because of minimal mistakes. However, there are far too many employees who consider this the final word. We’ll help you appeal the denial in a way that  looks out for your best interests.

Our staff of litigation professionals recognizes the various tactics insurance adjusters use against you during this time. We’ll protect your rights every step of the way so you never have to concern yourself with what comes next.

Types of Workplace Injuries in Downey, California

In any workplace, it’s possible to sustain some of the most severe injuries. Unfortunately, these injuries can lead to ongoing problems, and it’s vital to obtain compensation for your losses. Some of the more common injuries you can sustain include traumatic brain injuries, burn injuries, spinal cord damage, back and spine injuries, neck injuries, and more. Carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive motion stress are also common in office workplaces.

In some workplaces, exposure to chemicals or asbestos can result in long-term medical conditions and illnesses that impact your quality of life for many years to come.

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