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Far too often, dangerous work conditions lead to several employees being injured on the job. Unfortunately, an injury at work can keep you from earning income for many months or even years. In these situations, you should speak with a workers’ comp law firm who can provide the necessary legal help to pursue a favorable settlement under California workers’ compensation law. After all, the legal matters after you’ve been injured while working can be overwhelming, and you need someone on your side who is focused on your best interests and willing to go above and beyond to obtain the most favorable outcome on your behalf.

At Ozeran Law, we provide experienced and dedicated counsel to navigate the complex process. Our workers’ compensation lawyer serving Azusa, CA knows the laws and how they impact your claim. Trust that when you rely on our workers’ comp law firm, you’re getting the most comprehensive representation, allowing you to focus on your physical recovery while we handle the challenging legal battle on your behalf. Below, we’ll help you understand the type of compensation you may be able to recover, as well as help you understand how our workers’ compensation law firm can help you if you’ve been injured at work.

Under California workers’ comp law, our workers’ comp lawyer can help you pursue the following compensation:

  • Physical rehabilitation expenses – Any costs that you incur to pay for physical rehabilitation may be compensable as part of a claim, covering ongoing care for your treatment.
  • Medical bills – Your medical bills can include some of your prescription medication as part of your treatment, as well as costs for specialized medical equipment, and more.
  • Doctor visits – The more doctor visits you must go to, the more you may need to pay out of your own pockets. You may be able to recover compensation for the amounts you pay to see a doctor.
  • Hospital stays – If your treatment requires inpatient care that you must pay for on your own, you may be able to obtain compensation for anything that comes out of your pocket.
  • Lost wages – If your injury takes you out of work and you are unable to earn an income because of your injuries, you may be able to pursue compensation for any and all lost wages after your workplace injury.
  • Pain and suffering – You may be able to recover compensation for non-economic damages such as your mental trauma and anguish stemming from the injuries impact on your quality of life.

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How Our Azusa, California Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Help You

Filing a workers’ compensation claim can seem complex, especially when you consider how some insurance companies deny claims despite you having a valid claim. It’s best to protect your rights by working with a lawyer who can help you understand your rights under California workers’ comp law. Unfortunately, insurance companies put more focus on profits than they do on helping injured workers. Our workers’ comp lawyer can help you with the following ways:

  • We’ll help you utilize your evidence to file your claim in a timely and effective manner. We know how time is of the essence, so you want to be sure that you’re getting the strong representation you need to get through the process quickly.
  • We’ll help you ensure the paperwork is accurate and covers all of your losses to maximize the value of your case. In many situations, when insurance companies deny claims, it is because of a small error made in the paperwork. We’ll work to protect you from this situation.
  • We’ll help protect you from the various tactics that insurance companies and their adjusters use to wrongfully deny your claim, pushing forward through negotiations with maximum compensation in mind and a clear path to help you obtain benefits. 
  • We’ll help you appeal a denial should the insurance company find any discrepancies in your initial claim. We will help compile the full and accurate information and all evidence to convince the insurance company you deserve compensation.

Unfortunately, insurance adjusters are trained professionals and will act friendly towards you throughout the process, hoping you’ll accept much less than you deserve. Without skilled legal counsel on your side, it can be easy to fall for the lies that insurance adjusters tell you. At Ozeran Law, our workers’ compensation attorney serving Azusa, CA will help you understand how insurance adjusters try to take advantage of your rights during a vulnerable situation.

Types of Workplace Injuries in Azusa, California

In any workplace, there’s a risk that an accident can occur, including a slip and fall, fall from height, falling objects, slippery floors, broken handrails, chemical exposure, and more. It’s imperative for employers to ensure you and other employees have the proper safety equipment and a safe workplace to prevent severe injuries. It doesn’t always happen, though, and you may suffer some injuries including the following:

  • Severe back injuries, including spine damage and spinal cord injuries 
  • Traumatic brain injuries, including concussions or more severe damages
  • Broken bones and severe fractures
  • Severe burns, including first, second, and third degree burns
  • Medical conditions resulting from prolonged chemical exposure Sprains and strains from repetitive motion stress
  • Mental trauma, stress, and other conditions 

You may miss work for an extended period of time because of these damages, tand the compensation you recover may help you with the expenses associated with these damages.

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